Las Vegas at night

This is a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.  It is at the Paris Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard.


Eiffel Tower replica in Las Vegas



Another view at night.


Eiffel Tower replica in Las Vegas, Paris Resort Hotel


A break in the traffic in the early evening on December 2, 2015.


The Strip 4


Another view later in the evening.


The Strip 3


The Bellagio Hotel across the boulevard from the Paris Hotel.


Belagio 3


Outside of Treasure Island Hotel, we see models of ships lighted up and with water fountains.


fountain 3


A view from further away.


lighted boat 2


Another model ship in the same area.


lighted boat 5


Now with a person in the picture.


lighted boat


A slightly different angle here.


fountain 2


A better view of the other ship.


lighted boat 3


Last ship picture.


lighted boat 4


From a distance, we see the Treasure Island Resort Hotel.  In front of Treasure Island, there is a sign advertising the Mirage Hotel which is not visible as it is out of the picture to the left.


Treasure Island 5


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