genital mutilation: where religious error meets medical error

Genital mutilation has nothing to do with Heaven.  But, it may have something to do with Hell for those who perform such mutilations.

Genital mutilation has nothing to do with health or cleanliness or hygiene.


Genital mutilation of girls and boys has everything to do with power and control.  When you mutilate the genitals of children, male or female, it is a violation of their right to bodily integrity.  Yet, some religions not only fail to condemn this needless, superstitious, barbaric practice but actually condone and encourage it.

Such mutilation is, to be blunt, sexual reduction surgery.  In the societies where women and girls are put through such mutilation, it is really done in an attempt to control their sexuality.  It seems that the men in such societies fear female sexual pleasure and fear not being able to satisfy their wives sexually. Male insecurities do not legitimate female genital mutilation.  The chief offenders here are some Islamic countries and some sub Saharan African countries where primitive, tribal customs persist in the 21st century.

In the US, infant boys are routinely circumcised.  This is not medically necessary.  The pediatricians continue to urge parents to have this done to their baby boys despite all the myths put forth in support of circumcision having now been debunked.  There are 2 reasons why the medical establishment in the US continues to urge circumcisions be performed.  1. The doctors are loath to admit error and they have this trait in common with religious leaders.  2. Such needless surgeries are a source of revenue to the medical establishment – in other words, they have a financial interest in the continuation of this practice.  The greed of doctors and medical interns does not legitimate male genital mutilation.

Sadly, in the US, too many citizens give the medical establishment the deference due a medieval priesthood.

What of Christian pastors in the US and circumcision?  The silence is deafening as they say.  Very few, if any, priests, pastors, ministers, etc. speak out against this needless, harmful practice.  The silence, born of ignorance, of the pastors does not legitimate male genital mutilation.

(Some people may disagree that male circumcision constitutes genital mutilation.  To these folks, I say do your homework, be objective, and then come back and make the argument that circumcision is not genital mutilation. Then, I will debate you.)

We have already written about the harm that male circumcision does (see links below).

Regarding male circumcision:  Where is this unnecessary practice taking place in the world in 2015?

Only in the US (mostly for non-religious reasons), Israel, many Islamic countries, and in some parts of sub-Saharan Africa.  Circumcision has largely died out in Britain, and is in serious decline in Canada and Australia.  (Note that in many of these countries, the circumcision is performed at the age of puberty, but the damage done is the same.)

Circumcision is not done in the countries of Europe, nor in India, China, Japan, Thailand, Brasil, Mexico, etc., etc.

Readers: realize that circumcision is the exception, not the rule, across the globe.

Expectant parents in the US: do not allow the “doctors” to bully you into harming your son and your future daughter-in-law through this needless, superstitious and barbaric practice.

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