Las Vegas by day – 1 of 2

On our last full day in Las Vegas, we walked along “The Strip”, also known as Las Vegas Boulevard.  Most of the major resort hotels are on this street.

Here we see the replica of the Eiffel Tower by day.


Paris 9



Many of the hotels have a theme to them.  The Luxor has an ancient Egyptian theme.  Caesar’s Palace has an ancient, pagan Rome theme to it.  The Paris Hotel has a – you guessed it – a French theme.




Earlier in the week, from the front seats of our rental car, one can see this tower replica in the low, late autumn morning sun.


Paris by car


Here we see the New York Hotel with its replica of The Statue of Liberty.


New York 2


Let’s start at the beginning of our walk.  Leaving Treasure Island, we are about to cross over the street.


Treasure Island


We walked over a pedestrian bridge to The Venetian, which has a theme of Venice and its canals.


Venetian 3


This hotel’s ground floor and grounds can be a maze to navigate through.  I guess they do not want visitors to leave so quickly or too easily.


Venetian 2


Canals and gondolas.




Inside The Venetian.


Caesar's Palace


As we walked along the crowded sidewalk, we passed by a food stall where we heard strains of Led Zeppelin with Robert Plant singing.  One cannot help noticing the commercialization of sex is very evident in this part of the city. This was more obvious to the casual observer at night.

We crossed back over to the other side of the boulevard after walking some distance.  Later, we took these pictures.

Through the glass on a pedestrian bridge, we get this view (with some reflections of my clothes).


Caesar's Palace 3


A better shot of Caesar’s Palace.


Caesar's Palace 2


We turned towards the opposite side of the boulevard late in the morning, and captured these 5 images of the tower at the Paris Hotel.


Paris 8


Another view with a beautiful blue sky.


Paris 7


Here, we have a steeper angle to this shot.  Looking up.


Paris 5


Note the French and American flags in this view.


Paris 3


Last view from a different angle further down the boulevard.


Paris 2


A tree, one of many, grows along the boulevard.


tree on boulevard


Turning away from the Paris Hotel, we see the Bellagio Hotel.




In the evenings, they turn on the fountains for nice effects with lights.  We just missed one of these free displays (water shows) that night.


Belagio 2


Another view of Caesar’s Palace, which is beyond the Bellagio when one walks to the east.


Caesar's Palace 4


Lucy enjoying the sights on this mild, late autumn day.




In the second and concluding part of this photo essay, we will share the remaining pics of our day time walk along Las Vegas Boulevard on December 2, 2015.

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