Las Vegas by day – 2 of 2

On our last full day in Las Vegas, we walked along “The Strip”, also known as Las Vegas Boulevard.  Most of the major resort hotels are on this street.

In this pic, we see some statues and columns with an ancient Roman theme. This is near to Caesar’s Palace.


statuary 2



In this next view, we see more of the pool in front of the statuary.




Here we see one of the entrances to this hotel and casino.


Lucy 2


In the distance (and on the other side of the boulevard), we can see The Flamingo Hotel.




Nearby there was a shrine of an eastern religion.




A street scene a few minutes later.


The Strip


Water fountains and statue.


Lucy 3


Another view from the sidewalk of the boulevard.  The Mirage Hotel is visible in the distance.


The Strip 2


Rear view of a statue.




Front view of the same statue.


statue 2


A few minutes later, we look across the street and get a view of The Venetian Hotel and The Palazzo Hotel.


Venetian 4


After a short break for lunch, we continue our walk.  We are now closer to the Mirage.


the mirage


The Treasure Island Hotel in the distance.  If you could see it from above, you would see that it has 3 wings each 120 degrees apart from the adjacent wings (like the 4, 8, and the 12 on a clock’s face).


Treasure Island 2


Crossing back over to the other side of the boulevard, we are again in the grounds of The Venetian Hotel and Treasure Island is visible in the upper left.


Lucy 4


In the distance (to our left) in this next pic, we can see a tall building that says “TRUMP” on the top.  It must be one of the hotels built by Donald Trump’s company.




Looking now to our right, we see yet another large hotel.


another hotel


As we walk over the next pedestrian bridge, we see the Palazzo Hotel.  We had to walk over four pedestrian bridges to return to Treasure Island (where we were staying).  In this area of The Strip, one cannot cross the street at ground level if one is on foot.




Another view of The Palazzo shortly before 2:00 p.m.


Palazzo 2


Walking over the 3rd of four pedestrian bridges, we see the Trump Hotel from another angle.


Trump 2


Returning to Treasure Island, this view gives a better idea of the shape of the hotel.


Treasure Island 3


One of the model ships with fountain by daylight.




In the lengthening shadow of the hotel, we see more of this area.




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