Las Vegas miscellany

These are some images that were not included in the earlier photo essays of Las Vegas.

In this pic, we see the enticing face of a young woman on a slot machine. Love the color of her eye shadow.


enticing face



In the world of fantasy, young women warriors ride dragons.


sexy rider


This was another slot machine that played well for us for a while.  A Siberian tiger is shown on its screen.


Siberian tiger


This motorcycle may have been part of a contest or raffle.




Our room at the hotel (on the 18th floor).


hotel room


Columns near to Caesar’s Palace.  Blue sky, light and some shadow make this a nice image.




We are not sure what this structure was.  Here we see it from below.


view from street


Flowers growing near the heavily trafficked sidewalk on Las Vegas Boulevard.


flowers in Las Vegas


This pic was taken at dinner time on Sunday evening, the day of our arrival.  It was cold that day.


Christmas tree 2


Later the same evening, we see another Christmas tree in the casino area of the hotel.


Christmas tree 4


This was in one of the shop areas adjacent to one of the hotel casinos.  Weird effects shooting through the glass of this display case.


window shopping


A Christmas tree in the lobby area of the casino at Caesar’s Palace.


Christmas tree 5


With Lucy in the picture, we can gain an appreciation of how tall this tree was.


Christmas tree


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