shadows on wall

Sometimes, we can infer the existence of a thing by the observation of its effects.  An unseen object’s gravity on a celestial neighbor is one such example.

From New Year’s Day, we share these several images of shadows of one of our trees appearing on the rear wall of the house. These shadows were produced in the middle of the afternoon by a low lying winter sun shining on the south-facing wall of the house.


shadows on wall 7



A view below the first floor window.  Tenuous, perhaps wispy, shadows suggest movement on a calm day.


shadows on wall 4


Another shot.  Part of the house was in complete shade as the neighboring home occulted the sun.


shadows on wall 3


Peculiar, perhaps surreal play of light and shadow.


shadows on wall


The wall area between the two floors acts as a canvas, so to speak, for the shadows to play upon.


shadows on wall 2


From below, we got this pic.


shadows on wall 6


Further away, and from a little different angle, we captured this image.


shadows on wall 5


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