Where ocean meets land under a blue sky, one can get beautiful pictures.

This image captures sea, sky and land quite well.  The solitary rock just offshore adds some perspective to this view.


Cliff House 3



On New Year’s morning, Lucy (my wife) and a few of her relatives went to brunch at the Cliff House restaurant in San Francisco.  We share several pictures from their pleasant morning outing.


Cliff House 5


The restaurant overlooks the Pacific Ocean at continent’s end west of the Golden Gate.


Cliff House


Further from the restaurant in this next view, looking to the north, we can see deep blue ocean under a winter sky.  It was quite cold that morning for San Francisco, but not very cold by let us say Chicago standards.


Cliff House 2


Now, let us go inside for a few views.


Chocolate covered strawberries.




The wall mirror here makes this table for 4 appear to be a table for eight.


Lucy at brunch 4


Good food and drink makes for a happy guest of the Cliff House.


Lucy at brunch


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