a Sunday outing

This is a bumper sticker we saw while walking in Golden Gate Park this past Sunday.


z bumper sticker



Jellyfish at the aquarium in the basement of the California Academy of Sciences.  We walk to the Academy from time to time as my wife’s employer has given her yearly membership.  The Academy is located within the park in the western section of the city.


z jelly fish


This 3 way division is the custom (and likely the law) in the city.  Residents are given three plastic cans at their homes to put out for weekly pickup.


z dumpster choice


Sunday, January 3, was the last day for the artificial “snow” to fall at intervals for the benefit of children of all ages.  Inside the snowman, there was a short film on how nature makes snow in the clouds above.


z Lucy


A short video with map that traced the migration of early humans out of Africa and to the other continents over time.


z map


Physical anthropology on display here.


z skull


A display of an African scene showing the predator-prey relationship.


z cheetah 2


A closer view reminding us that even animals suffer as we humans do in this world.


z cheetah


I caught Lucy unawares here.


z Lucy 3


All in all, a pleasant couple of hours spent on a Sunday afternoon.  We enjoyed a film in the planetarium and strolled through the various exhibits.  As we have already posted photo essays of prior visits to the Academy of Sciences, we will offer just these new images for this essay.

copyright 2016 – larrysmusings.com


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