Obama the Pied Piper

Barack Obama: problem, symptom, or both?  He is both problem and symptom.  Obama’s election and re-election is symptomatic of a voting age population that settles for the corrupt 2 party system we have in the US.  If we Americans do not demand better, we will not get better choices and better policies.


Obama is part of the problem.  Consider that he has doubled the US national debt in 7 years.  Each year, his federal government bureaucracy issues thousands of regulations independent of Congress’ law making authority. Virtually no individuals can stay informed as to all these onerous regulations that just keep coming month after month.  Obama’s so-called Affordable Care Act, more widely known as “ObamaCare”, has caused many people to lose their employer health benefits, has caused rates for health insurance to rise significantly, and has been a job killer.  The phony unemployment figures we are fed in the news media each month do not tell of the many millions of discouraged job seekers who have left the labor force and no longer seek employment.  As well, most of the jobs being created are low wage and temporary jobs.  Thus, we see the continued shrinkage of the middle class.

Barack Obama, with his oratory skills, led so many to follow him and support him in 2008.  The slogan “Hope and Change” was heard throughout the land. But, our hopes were never realized, and few constructive changes have come from Obama’s policies.

Barack Obama is like the legendary Pied Piper of medieval Europe seducing people with grandiose, fanciful promises and playing upon their hopes and fears.

President Obama is soon to give his state of the union speech.  His speech will likely be filled with high sounding words and a few euphemisms.  He will no doubt tug at our collective heart strings with some emotional anecdotes (of people struggling past and present) in his speech.  But, after seven years of Obama and his empty promises, we can no longer trust nor make excuses for him.

Question for Mr. Obama:  In your last year in office, how much more long term damage do you intend to do to the US?

On a side issue, there are some who are asserting that President Obama is a Muslim and with Muslims his sympathy and loyalty lie.  I do not agree with that assertion.  Obama may very well have no sincerely held religious convictions.  Barack Obama likes radical change.  He sees the Muslims in the streets, wanting the downfall of Middle Eastern and North African dictators, as agents of radical change.  In my opinion, President Obama and his administration supported those wanting Mubarak and Gaddafi to fall because he likes rapid, radical change.

copyright 2016 – larrysmusings.com

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