Violent individuals are attracted to Islam

A “religion” that sanctions violence against any and all who do not adhere to it attracts violent individuals as converts.  Can you see the appeal for those who wish to commit heinous crimes?



A violent criminal is punished in Western societies for his/her crimes against others.  But, in Islam, it is legitimate to do violence to the “infidel”.  One must not murder, nor rape, nor steal from another Muslim.  No, that is wrong, that is a transgression.  But, the infidel have no rights in the eyes of Muslims. (Note the very numerous rapes in Germany during New Year’s celebrations. There has been an ongoing epidemic of rapes of European women by Muslim men in Europe for some time now.)  A person who wants to prey upon others and do them harm finds approval for and support for this desire among Muslims provided that the harm is done to “infidels”.  If you commit heinous crimes against non-Muslims in the areas under Sharia law, you will not likely have to suffer any consequences.

Violent individuals are attracted to Islam.  Predators are attracted to Islam.

We ought not be surprised by this phenomena.  Seriously, it is pretty basic when you think about it.

And, we see this here in the US.  Violent criminals in our prisons are converting to Islam.  What do you think these individuals will do when they are released back into society at the end of their prison sentence?  The recent shooting of a police officer in Philadelphia was perpetrated by a US citizen who basically said he was doing it (the attempted murder) for Islam.

What can we do?  Recognize that political correctness, with its subversion of truth, must be abandoned.  If we really want to reduce these atrocious crimes, we have to face some unpleasant truths.  Not all religions are the same in terms of their compatibility or lack of compatibility with a free society. Western countries that welcome those immigrants and/or refugees who will not peacefully assimilate do so at their own societal risk.  As well, violent converts to Islam who commit and/or conspire to commit crimes must be punished appropriately.  Punishment should fit the crime.  We need to abandon the liberal concern for the perpetrator so that we can reduce the number of innocent crime victims going forward.

A word or two about Islam.  One can rightly, justly ask if Islam truly is a religion.  How one chooses to define the term religion can be relevant here. But, given its bloody history whenever and wherever it has encountered those of other religions and those of no religion, I think that Islam is more accurately described as violence cloaked in a thin veneer of religiosity.  Just saying.

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  1. You have proves at all ….its just your wishful thinking. You never miss a opportunity to malign islam and its followers I am giving how islam prohibits any kind of violence and terrorism. Kindly read.

    1. I never miss an opportunity to malign Islam and its followers. Really? How can I take your comment seriously when we have addressed Islam perhaps a dozen or so times out of nearly 600 essays since June, 2012?

      Do not tell me that Islam prohibits any kind of violence and terrorism. If you are Muslim, then work within the Muslim community to stop the violence against non-Muslims. If you are not working within the Muslim community to end the violence then you are not part of the solution.

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