a flowering plant

In this photo essay, we share some pictures of a flowering plant.  This plant can bloom into flowers as many as three times in a year.


flowers 6



From a distance, we see the flowers in various stages.  There is a succession of blossoming buds over a few weeks with this plant.


flowers 7


Our cat wanted to participate, and it was hard to keep him out of the way for some of these shots.


flowers 9


Another view of the plant in its pot.


flowers 10


Colorful blossoms with various shades of pink and hints of white and red.


flowers 3


Closer still.


flowers 5


These older blossoms are deflating so to speak.  (Perhaps withering is the more accurate term.)


flowers 8


Another angle with one blossom in full bloom in front of a blossom past its prime.


flowers 11


Closer in now, we enjoy the nice colors of these flowers.


flowers 4


This next image was captured at night more than a week earlier.  These were the deflating blossoms seen above.  We include this picture so one can see that these flowers and their vibrant colors appear much better in natural daylight as compared to electric lighting.


flowers 2


We have a few of these plants, left by previous occupants, outside in the backyard.  These have been receiving rain water as of late and are doing well.


flowers 14


These blossoms are about to burst forth or open up and show their petals.


flowers 12


Nearby, another plant.


flowers 15


The recent rains have brought forth the grass in the yard and the flowers.


flowers 16


Closer in now for our last image of the profusion of plant life.


flowers 17


copyright 2016 – larrysmusings.com

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