an orchid at the office

We now present some pictures of an orchid that had bloomed some time back and then recently bloomed again at my wife’s place of work.

In this view, we see the flower and out the office window we can see the Bay Bridge on a foggy winter morning.


z flower 10



The plant having been repositioned, we see this view.


z flower 9


This next shot was taken a day earlier and at a different angle.


z flower 11


Several days previously the next 3 images were captured.  This pic was taken early in the day on 28 December.


z flower 3


This next view was in the late afternoon on 29 December, and one can see the sunlit buildings out the window.  Note the additional bloom (see previous image if you need to).


z flower 2


An early afternoon shot on 31 December here.  The very swollen pod or bud foreshadows a new blossom to emerge.


z flower


These remaining views were captured shortly before 7:00 a.m. this past Monday morning, 11 January.  The window shade is down to block the glare from the recently risen sun.


z flower 8


Interesting view here.


z flower 7


Flowers suspended in the air.


z flower 6


The plant turned again to show a different view.


z flower 5


A little further away here.


z flower 4


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