cat sleeping and cat video

These are photos of our cat sleeping or getting ready to sleep.


Yoyo up close



Beginning to close his eyes.


Yoyo up close 2


Further away for this pic.


Yoyo asleep 5


Sleeping on his favorite blanket as Lucy also rests.


Yoyo asleep 6


Earlier, in another position, Yoyo cat naps.


Yoyo asleep 4


Yet another position for our cat.  His body is very flexible and he often sleeps in seemingly uncomfortable positions.  Here, his hind legs provide a pillow of sorts for his head as he naps.


Yoyo asleep 2


A closer view.


Yoyo asleep 3


Here is a link to a very charming video of pet cats who want to cuddle with their human benefactors.  Cats are special.



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