caves in China

Eerie, bizarre, surreal, fantastic – how would you describe the scenery in limestone caves?

We now present these pictures of a limestone cave in China (taken in March, 2015).

A waterfall in stone?  Perhaps, we ought not offer any interpretation for these images.


cave 4



Other worldly.  Moon-like?


cave 23


Glacial?  Limestone under false lighting.




No doubt these formations formed over many, many years.  This of course reminds us of how short our human life spans are.


cave 10


It is not clear why the Chinese authorities opted for various colored lights to be used.  We will see the effects of such lighting in many of these images.  In some scenes, the colored lighting enhances the beauty of the rock.  In others, the lighting distorts the beauty in a less desirable way.


cave 2


Perhaps this is what the surface of a barren planet that orbits a blue super giant star (and thus devoid of life) might look like.


cave 13


Limestone rock in strange shapes.


cave 9


Spirits in the rock?


cave 32


A strange, alien, underground world.  Dreamlike?


cave 21


Another area.


cave 19


Looking up in one chamber.


cave 11


The same formations.  Multicolored lighting gives an interesting effect in this next image.


cave 20


The sign reads Buddha Teaching Scripture.  We think this is an example of too much variation in the lighting detracting from the natural beauty of the rock formations.


cave 18


More color.


cave 17


Too much color in this next image.  Perhaps for the visitor actually there it appears better.


cave 16


Walking through another area.


cave 35


Light and dark and various colors at play in this view.


cave 5


Another view under colored lighting.  We think the sign says Golden Key.


cave 22


Apparently, there is a pool of water at the bottom of this scene and we see a reflection in it.


cave 7


Further along the path, we see more of this formation.


cave 8


Another view that confounds our reason.


cave 6


Nature’s rock sculptures.


cave 3


More formations.


cave 15


A pool of water with reflections at the bottom of this next view.


cave 14


Rock twisted into strange shapes.


cave 31


Visitors, tourists taking in the views.


cave 29


This next view is nice with blue lighting on the rock.  It almost appears as though some reflective blue paint was applied to the rock.  Although, this effect could be caused in part by moisture on the rocks.  In many caves, one can notice dripping water.


cave 28


Another view.


cave 27


Now for some more bizarre or eerie views.

An eerie rock formation.


cave 12


This could be a scene from a science fiction movie about a visit to another world.


cave 33


Another scene.


cave 25


Different.  Is something growing in the rocks at the top of this picture?


cave 24


No interpretation offered for this next view.


cave 30


The colored lighting gives distortion.


cave 26


More distortion.  Extreme distortion.  More like abstract art?


cave 34


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