clouds and unplanned rainbows

Images captured on Saturday, 23 Jan 2016, while driving to and from Sacramento, California (via Marin County).

While the Atlantic seaboard of the US was enduring a blizzard, we were seeing rainbows in the far West.


clouds 5



A rainbow near to electric transmission line towers.


clouds 6


Many threatening skies were seen, but no rain fell on the highway during the drive.  Electric power lines above the roadway are visible in this image (taken just seconds after the previous one).


clouds 7


A rainbow hinted at amidst these clouds.


clouds 3


A second or less later.


clouds 4


Further away, we see the same rainbow wannabe amidst the clouds and with blue sky above.




Driving east near the northern shore of San Francisco/San Pablo Bay, we see cloudy skies and some of the ponds of water adjacent to the bay.  In the far southern portion of the bay (by Fremont), ponds like these are used for evaporation and salt recovery.


clouds 8


By contrast, in this next view, we see a bright blue afternoon sky while driving back in a westerly direction.  Note, due to seasonal rain fall with a very dry summer, this same area would have brown ground with dead grass in later months of the year.


clouds 15


Low lying clouds in the distance.  Heavily trafficked highways in the state often have 4 or 5 lanes in each direction.


clouds 14


Clouds and trees sans leaves.


clouds 9


To conclude, we share this 3 image series that evidences that the driver was slowing the car so the passenger could take these pictures.


clouds 10


The second of 3 images.  Clouds in the distance.


clouds 11


The cars in front pulling away and racing for the clouds.


clouds 12


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