A midday walk on Wednesday, 27 Jan 2016, provided these views to be captured.

This residential area of the city is also known as “The Avenues”.  At 21st Avenue, we are looking east along Judah Street in this first image.


street scene 2



The streetcars were running frequently this day.  Lots of color in this image.


house with streetcar 2


A couple of minutes earlier, we took this pic on Judah Street between 21st and 22nd Avenue(s).


house with streetcar


Looking northeast near the intersection of Judah and 21st Avenue, red tile roofs are visible.


street scene


Standing in the street, looking down 20th Avenue, one can see the trees of Golden Gate Park in the distance.


street scene 3


One of the most heavily trafficked streets (day and night) in San Francisco – 19th Avenue.  There are 3 paved lanes in each direction for buses, trucks and cars.  Golden Gate Park is in the distance.


street scene 4


A typical scene on 21st Avenue.  Zero clearance between these homes means high density residential living.




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