Super Bowl City in downtown San Francisco

San Francisco celebrates the Super Bowl all this week in its “Super Bowl City” in the financial district.


Embarcadero Centers 5



Our intrepid photographer captured these images on Monday morning, 01 Feb 2016.

In the early morning twilight, we see the Ferry Building lit up.


Ferry Building 7


Going inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel, we see this large metal artifact in the lobby area.  This has been in the hotel lobby for the past 40 or so years.


Hyatt Regency


Peering out a window, we see a virtual ghost town as the day’s activities have not started.


Super Bowl City 21


A last view of the hotel lobby before exiting into the Super Bowl City area.


Hyatt Regency 2


A few minutes since our last view of the Ferry Building, the daylight is coming on now.  The clock on the tower indicates that it is a few minutes before 7:00. The wet pavement was from rain during the night.


Ferry Building 5


A closer view of the tower.


Ferry Building 6


A nearby office tower advertising the Super Bowl in its windows.  We are not sure how this was done.


Embarcadero Centers 4


In the growing daylight, we see the Embarcadero Center area with its tall office buildings.


Embarcadero Centers 3


Another view.


Embarcadero Centers 2


The sky pales as the sun must have risen (behind the photographer).


Embarcadero Centers


Nothing happening at this time.  Our photographer proceeds to her office.


Ferry Building 4


Later, at midday, these images are captured.  The Hyatt Regency is on the left as we look down Market Street towards the bay.


Super Bowl City 20


A security check point ahead.


Super Bowl City 18


Our photographer being photographed herself.


Super Bowl City 19


These are not homeless folks.  They are local musicians.  However, we note that homeless people have been moved away from areas where they would be visible to visitors and tourists throughout San Francisco.


Super Bowl City 14


Cheer leaders.


Super Bowl City 15


Super Bowl City was not crowded at midday on Monday.  The live music and other attractions are in the evening and the resulting crowds are much larger then.


Super Bowl City 16


Another view of cheer leaders and visitors.


Super Bowl City 11


In this view, we are looking along Market Street in the opposite direction.  The hotel is now on the right just beyond the blue banner.  If you walk along Market Street for several blocks until you reach the intersection with Montgomery Street, you will have reached the heart of the financial district.


Super Bowl City 3


Midday Monday on the street.


Super Bowl City 13


There is a lot of corporate advertising going on in Super Bowl City.


Super Bowl City 6


“Social Media Command Center”


Super Bowl City 5


Live music on this stage in the evening.


Super Bowl City


Bud Light Beer – must be a corporate sponsor.


Super Bowl City 10


A photo opportunity under a blue sky.


Super Bowl City 7


A football grasped by a hand.


Super Bowl City 8


In the plaza at midday, we do see some visitors.  This scene is near to the end of Market Street (which lies to the right of this area).


Ferry Building 3


About half an hour later in this pic, the crowd is larger.  The shadows are caused by the Embarcadero Center office buildings blocking the sun.


Ferry Building


A late afternoon view before work ends for the financial district employees.


Super Bowl City 4


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