Red Rock Canyon – part one

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is located just north of Las Vegas.  We visited this beautiful area on Tuesday, 01 December 2015.

We now present the pics we took on that cool autumn day in the US Southwest.


red rock canyon 4



There is a paved loop road where visitors drive to various areas where they can hike among the rocks and take pictures.


red rock canyon 18


Panning now to the north in the same location we see changes in the colors of the rock.


red rock canyon 11


Continuing to pan towards the north, we see more orange in the rocks.


red rock canyon 12


Backing away, we see the paved road in the foreground.  This is a desert area as the sparse vegetation indicates.  Daytime temperatures in the summer are normally over 100 degrees Farenheit.


red rock canyon 19


A scenic area showing the color and the texture of the rocks.


red rock canyon 14


With people in the picture, one can get an idea of the size of the rocks and the distance to these.  Note the adult in the lower right.


red rock canyon 5


This next image is marred by my finger in the corner, yet it shows the colors of the rock well.


red rock canyon 3


The same area from further away.


red rock canyon 21


Closer in, one can sit for a picture on these rocks.  Note the striations of color and the surface texture.  These are not the kind of rocks to walk on after a rain.  They would be very slick and hazardous to walk on.


red rock canyon 7


Even closer, with another case of my finger protruding in to the lens area. Texture and color are impressive.


red rock canyon 8


A little earlier and from a different angle, we get this image.  The low autumn sun (late morning) and the clear blue sky help to bring out the colors of the rocks.


red rock canyon 15


Another view while walking among the rocks.


red rock canyon 17


Now, looking to the southeast, we see the rock formations continuing on into the distance.


red rock canyon


Walking to the south and then turning to look north, we see these large boulders in the sun with a blue sky for backdrop.


red rock canyon 27


Another view with a person in the distance to give an idea of scale.


red rock canyon 26


In among the rocks.


red rock canyon 6


The rocks continue to the south.


red rock canyon 24


Lucy sitting for a picture.


red rock canyon 25


Another pose in another nearby scene.


red rock canyon 23


Having walked back up to the parking area, we are about to drive on to the next viewing and hiking area (where we got the best pics).


red rock canyon 22


. . . . . to be continued . . . . .

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