Red Rock Canyon – part two

We continue now with our photo tour of Red Rock Canyon.


red rock canyon 33



Driving along the loop road to the next stop we see more colors in the rock.


red rock canyon 10


A white color strata overlays the orange rock.


red rock canyon 28


Here we see this 2 color 2 layer rock from the road.


red rock canyon 29


With upthrusting at different times in the past, the older, gray colored rock in the distance is actually higher than the younger strata of orange and white rock in the foreground.


red rock canyon 34


A closer view with deep blue sky above.


red rock canyon 32


Another view showing the texture of the rock surface.


red rock canyon 33


On the trail and taking pictures.


red rock canyon 31


From below, amid some trees, we get this view.


red rock canyon 30


Interesting color and shadow in this view looking up.


red rock canyon 37


You can walk right up to and on to the rocks.


red rock canyon 38


The older dolomite in the distance was thrust up higher than the younger colored rocks in the foreground.


red rock canyon 39


Another image.  The gray peak is called Turtlehead Peak and rises to 6,323 feet.


red rock canyon 36


Interesting texture to the surfaces of these rock strata.


red rock canyon 40


A plaque telling of old quarry operations one hundred years ago.  Blocks were quarried and then hauled to the railroad for transport to the cities of California to be used in the facades of buildings.


red rock canyon 43


In the quarry area, looking north by northwest.


red rock canyon 35


In the quarry area, looking to the east.


red rock canyon 41


One last view of this colorful section of the national conservation area.


red rock canyon 42


. . . . . to be continued . . . . .

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