Red Rock Canyon – part three

Here we see Joshua Trees along the roadside.  These hardy desert plants are seen quite often in southern Nevada.


joshua trees



With only one way to go on the loop road, we drove the second half of the loop and saw this scenery.


red rock canyon 45


Wide open country with a big blue sky above.


red rock canyon 44


These formations, often called “fins”, can be seen in many areas in the Southwest US.  Very large fins can be viewed in the national parks of Utah.


red rock canyon 46


Rocky outcrops seen in the western section of the conservation area.


red rock canyon 47


Another scene.


red rock canyon 48


Completing the loop returns us to the entrance and Visitor Center area.


red rock canyon 52


Another shot.


red rock canyon 49


Walking in to the Visitor Center, we see this rock.


red rock canyon 53


The Visitor Center building that houses exhibits and a gift/souvenir shop.


red rock canyon 54


There had been a sign on the loop road that warned of tortoises crossing the road.  They may be active in the warmer months of the year and we did not see any on or near the road.


red rock canyon 55


Outside of the park area, as we drove along the highway to the west we saw these fins in the distance.


red rock canyon 56


A sign along the highway.


red rock canyon 60


Retracing our steps so to speak, we drove east along the highway and arrived at the far side of the areas that were shown in part one of this photo essay.  It was not fully clear where the national conservation area ended and private property began.  We drove along paved streets and near to private homes as we viewed this scenery.


red rock canyon 61


Looking to the west in this view.  Earlier, we had been looking east on the other side of these rocky areas.  Although it is only a little past 2 in the afternoon, the low, late autumn sun gave way to lengthening shadows in some areas.


red rock canyon 62


A different view of a nearby area.


red rock canyon 63


A closer view of the rock wall seen a few images back.


red rock canyon 64


A parking area for hiking trails.  Sky, colorful rock and shadow combine for an interesting image.


red rock canyon 65


We prepare to take a short walk.


red rock canyon 66


The hiking area is mostly in shadow at about half past 2 in the afternoon.


red rock canyon 67


Another view looking back to the parking area.  Note the sharp boundary between light and shadow in this image.


red rock canyon 68


On the trail, we see autumn colored leaves in the desert southwest.  The temperature that day was about 52 or 53 degrees.


red rock canyon 69


Heading back to the parking area after a short walk, we see this scene.


red rock canyon 57


On the main highway, we captured these last 2 pics.


red rock canyon 58


A closer view.


red rock canyon 59


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