helpful essays for recent subscribers

Some of our recent blog subscribers appear to have an interest in philosophy. With nearly 600 essays or posts since June, 2012, rather than scroll through the various categories on the right side bar of the blogsite, it may be easier for an interested reader to make use of the search box (also on the right side of the blogsite).  This may not be visible on small hand-held devices.  It can be seen and used on a larger screen I-phone, a tablet, and of course on a desk top personal computer monitor.  Typing in appropriate terms will call up related essays.  As well, we include links to some of our essays on the various pages of the blog.


To access the page called “thinking” go here:

To access the page called “living” click this link:

There are also pages on marriage and on parenting for interested readers to visit.

For eleven of our more challenging essays on philosophy, religion, history use these links.

Feel free to read these essays and like or comment on them if you wish.  As well, you can pass on these links to other interested people you may know.

My wife took this picture yesterday of a cake prepared for Valentine’s Day.




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