an orchid at the office – update

Last month we shared some pictures of an orchid that had bloomed some time back and then recently bloomed again at my wife’s place of work.

This plant continued to bloom and looked very nice.  Thus we now share these latest images of this orchid with a persistence for life.

The orchid is framed by the view through the office tower window (on the 29th floor).





Another view the same morning showing more of the plant.


orchid 2


The next morning, this flowering plant greets the employee as she starts work.


orchid 3


Four mornings later, with inclement weather on the outside, the orchid’s flowers persist.


orchid 4


Another view the same morning.  Note the bud at the end of the plant.


orchid 5


Six mornings later, we see that the bud seen in the last image has blossomed out.


orchid 6


A slightly different angle for this second shot of that morning.


orchid 7


15 days later, we see the remarkable persistence of this flowering plant.  The window shade is down on this sunlit morning.


orchid 10


Turning the plant a moment later for this final image.


orchid 8


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