chat lunatique – part one

“Chat Lunatique.”  Those were the words on the wall at the local veterinary hospital for cats.  That is where we take our cat, Yoyo, for his checkups and vaccinations with the veterinarians on staff.  These words can be translated from the French as “crazy cat”.  Perhaps, these words could also refer to those humans who are crazy about cats.

In this 2 part photo essay, we share sundry pictures of our cat taken over the past 2 1/2 months and not previously posted.


Yoyo on rug 2



Yoyo likes to hang out while Lucy dresses for work.  He is probably just waiting for her to finish so she will go downstairs and feed him.


Yoyo on rug


In this image, he appears to be in a serious mood, perhaps a little irritated.


Yoyo 7


On another morning, he occupies the unmade bed as he waits for Lucy to go downstairs.


Yoyo on bed 2 Dec


Now, we see the cat wanting to go outside to play.


Yoyo 4


A closer view.


Yoyo 5


On another day, looking down at the cat, I took this pic.


Yoyo by glass door 2


Walking around the deck above the backyard (which needs some cleanup work).


Yoyo on deck


On another day, while I was trying to capture the play of afternoon light and shadow on the deck, the cat projected himself into the picture.


cat and deck


Underneath the staircase leading down from the deck above, Yoyo nibbles at some of the grass.


cat in yard


Here, in this next view, he has turned his head towards the camera.


cat in yard 2


Wondering why we keep photographing him?


cat in yard 3


It is difficult to keep him off the breakfast table.


Yoyo 9


He even curled up one evening for me to get these next 2 images.


z Yoyo 3


Another view.


z Yoyo 2


In another room, which we still need to neaten up, he sits a top a box and poses for the camera.


Yoyo 3


Looking directly at the camera in this pic.


Yoyo 2


We have only recently gotten Yoyo to use his newer and larger pet bed.


cat in bed 4


Now, he sleeps in it often.


cat in bed 3


. . . . to be continued . . . .

copyright 2016 –

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