chat lunatique – part two

Yoyo likes to try to get under the covers with us.  We keep him out of the linen and let him go to sleep under the bed spread.


Yoyo in the bed 2



One evening, while bending down to pet the cat, he spontaneously jumped on to my back.  Since that night, I have sort of trained him to do this whenever I bend low for him to do so.


Yoyo on back 5


He moves around some.


Yoyo on back 4


Another view.


Yoyo on back 3


We tried putting a pet sweater on him to keep him warm.  He did not really like it, so we gave it to a relative whose small dog likes such things.


Yoyo with sweater


On the floor of the kitchen in the sweater.


Yoyo with sweater 3


From above, we see that the sweater is only for the upper body and shoulder area.


Yoyo with sweater 5


One last view.


Yoyo with sweater 4


We have shared pics before of the cat in the kitchen sink area.  He has a continuing fascination with the slow drip of the faucet.


Yoyo in sink 7


Here we see Yoyo sitting in the sink waiting for the next drop of water to drip down.


Yoyo in sink 6


Another pic of the cat in his pet bed.


cat in bed 2


Aware that we are taking his picture, he will not close his eyes.


Yoyo new pet bed 2


Tired, but still alert and aware in this image.


Yoyo new pet bed


On the night table, and getting into Lucy’s face one weekend morning.


a cat


Resting on the bed.


Yoyo on bed 18


Another view.


Yoyo on bed 17


A different angle.


Yoyo on bed 16


Another view of the cat under the bed spread on a weekend when we sleep a little later.


Yoyo in the bed


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