consciousness: individual, cosmic and Supreme

I wake up in the night.  My heart is pounding in my chest.  My breathing is short and quick.  I can feel the blood coursing in my ears.  It feels as though a freight train slamming through the metal diamonds at a rail crossing is in my head.


rainbow whirlpool



It occurs to me that the universe is always active, and never at rest.  Every second, atomic nuclei are being crushed into heavier elements at an enormous rate in every star shining in the sky, and even in those more numerous that we cannot see.

An ongoing orgasm of frenzied activity.

Energies, frequencies, vibrations.  Matter blasted into energy, both visible and invisible.  Matter constantly changing forms.

It is not the very distant galaxies that are moving away from us at near light speed, but, rather it is the space between us and the distant galaxies that is continuing to expand at nearly the speed of light.  To be sure, that is a hard concept to get one’s mind around.

An ever expanding physical, material universe.  Perhaps, an ever expanding Supreme (and Creative) Consciousness too, whose center is everywhere and nowhere.  From the Vedic tradition of India, we have the concept of the Super Soul that inhabits each and every atom in the universe.  Thus, God is everywhere, ever present, at all times.  Yet, this is not pantheism as He has a supremely transcendant personality such that he stands above and apart, so to speak, from His material creation.

Perhaps, the very cosmic background radiation left over from the Big Bang is consciousness, or a vibration of consciousness.

Maya, the illusion that the material universe is ultimately real, or Lila, the divine play (The Divine at play) – call it what you will, there is a deeper reality behind appearances, behind this material universe.  One can, at times, feel the touch of the Supreme Consciousness, the Eternal, in one’s life.

There is that oceanic feeling that some mystics have described.  That opening up and expanding of one’s individual consciousness until it seems to embrace, inhabit, engulf everything – a consciousness of the cosmic, if not a cosmic consciousness.

One becomes conscious of spirit souls all around.  Souls plentiful like drops of water.  Tiny sparks of the Supreme Consciousness, the Divine, are taking on bodies every second of each day.  As well, each second, souls leave their worn out bodies behind and pass over to return to the spiritual universe.

We are particles, atoms of the cosmic and Supreme consciousness even though most of us are unaware of this.  As the Hindus say it is the Kali Yuga, the age of spiritual darkness and spiritual ignorance.  It can be a challenge to see the spark of the Divine, the soul, in others, especially those who are violent and driven by anger, hate and fear.

Our finite, individual souls innately long for a return to the Supreme Consciousness, the Supreme Soul – God.

And, yes there are demons or evil spirits.  These miserable creatures are repulsed by loving hearts.  Thus, consciously cultivate love in your heart, and they will fear you.

Abruptly, a loud and heavy truck goes by on the 24 hour street below breaking my reverie.  4 a.m.  I lay back down next to my wife.  Her 98.6 degree body heat warms me and I drop back into blissful sleep.

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