UN global tax coming

The United Nations is currently working towards imposing a regimen of global taxes on consumers around the world.  Such a global tax will be discussed at the World Humanitarian Summit in May this year to be held in Istanbul, Turkey.  Taxing the citizens of the world is also on the agenda of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Why is this important, why should we be concerned?



If the UN succeeds in implementing a regimen of global taxes, it will be financially free and independent of member nations’ financial support and oversight.

Consider that carefully for a moment.

If the UN succeeds in securing ongoing tax revenues that are independent of member nations oversight, it will be free to do as it pleases and there will be no checks and balances on what the UN and its bureaucracy can and will do. Currently, member nations fund the UN.  Their financial support could be withheld if the UN pursued objectives that these nations disapproved of.

What is going to be taxed by the UN?

International financial transactions.  All currency exchanges.  (When you travel, you convert some of your money from home into the currency of the country you are visiting.  This would be taxed.)  Airline tickets.  Other taxes being considered are a global carbon emissions tax, and possibly taxing the sale of tobacco products.

The people of the world are to be taxed and yet these “taxpayers” will have no say in how these monies would be used by the UN.

Personally, I do not want to pay for the UN’s agenda through fees being imposed upon me as a consumer.  (Airline companies and banks will pass on to their customers any levies imposed on them by instituting new fees or increasing existing customer fees and charges.)

other related thoughts

One could make a case that the UN ought to be abolished, or that countries should pull out and leave the organization.

Here are some points to consider.

  1. The UN has failed to stop many wars over the past several decades.  It is not very effective at preventing wars.
  2. It pushes a cultural imperialist (decadent Western and leftist) agenda that undermines the values of many less developed countries where the people do not want abortion on demand and unending birth control pushed on them but rather want better health care for their children and pregnant mothers.  These same countries do not want the acceptance of same sex marriage, the promotion of homosexuality, and the redefinition of the traditional family pushed on them.
  3. The UN has been used as a forum, at times, by 3rd world dictators and state sponsors of terrorism to gain legitimacy.
  4. The UN has not done anything substantive to oppose or condemn the illegal and brutal occupation of Tibet by China – despite the claim that the UN believes in the right of self-determination for all peoples.
  5. Covetously desires to tax the world so it can fund its over reaching agenda.
  6. Works to erode or undermine national sovereignty to further its agenda.  (In concert with the IMF and the World Bank, the UN ties aid to less developed countries to acceptance of its demands.  Many local government officials are corrupted by this aid money.  As well, the UN asserts that its treaties and their related obligations take precedence over existing domestic laws in member nation states.)
  7. UN “peacekeeping” forces commit crimes (especially rapes and sexual assaults) in the nations in which they are deployed.

Let me cite a case where an American stood up to the UN.  This is noteworthy because of the courage involved and the rarity of the occurrence.  The late US Senator, Jesse Helms, addressed the UN Security Council in 2000 when he was the chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Here is an important quote from his speech:

The UN must respect national sovereignty.  The UN serves nation-states, not the other way around.  This principle is central to the legitimacy and ultimate survival of the United Nations, and it is a principle that must be protected.

Basically, Senator Helms was saying that the UN is the servant and not the master of the nations of the world.  This, of course, echoes the sentiments of the US Constitution where government is seen as the servant of the people and not the master.

For interested readers, you can read the text of Senator Helms’ address here:


The UN is no friend of true freedom and thus is not helping the lot of man in this world.  We need to resist its drive for more power.

copyright 2016 – larrysmusings.com

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