Europe: the folly of Muslim immigration

No, do not put a “coexistence” bumper sticker on your car.  Peaceful coexistence has been proven to be a vain hope.

Seeking understanding and encouraging tolerance have failed.

The reality is that many Muslims do not desire to assimilate into European culture.  The more extreme Muslims wish to convert Europe to Islam, by force if necessary.

Some people are now realizing or concluding that Islam is not an authentic religion but is a violent ideology.



Today, in Brussels, we see the latest example of how very dangerous Muslim immigration is to the host or receiving countries. It is past time for Europeans to question (and change) both their collective EU approach to immigration and refugees, and their respective national immigration policies.  Fear of the Left, makes honest and open debate difficult in Europe on this and other subjects.

The Islamic State (ISIS) claims responsibility for these attacks in Europe. This is perhaps “payback” for European nations’ bombing ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq.  Keep in mind 2 things.  First, murders and rapes in Europe committed by Muslims were occurring before European nations got involved with fighting the Islamic State in the Middle East.  Second, ISIS is slaughtering Christians and Muslims in those areas it controls (currently in Libya, Syria, Iraq and even Afghanistan).

No doubt, Belgian authorities will vigorously pursue all those responsible for today’s murderous attacks in Brussels (as the French have done for those responsible for the Paris attacks last November).  But, that will not prevent future attacks.

Many of the nations of Europe have sizable populations of Muslims within their borders.  Continued immigration and acceptance of refugees increases the numbers of Muslims in these European nations.

European nations have accepted many thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq over the past year or more. Most of these refugees are Muslim.  A relevant question is: How many of these refugees may actually be jihadists or potential jihadists or terrorists?  Only time will tell.  But a concern is valid as the vetting process of these refugees has been problematic.

The violence continues.  Innocent people are dead.  Others are maimed for life.  Today in Belgium.  Tomorrow or next week or next month, where?

From an earlier essay, we wrote:

“Sadly, but not unexpectedly, there were more murders in Europe this past week committed by violent Muslims.

“We condemn these heinous acts that are committed against Jews, Christians, and even against atheists.

“In an earlier essay, we questioned why Europeans had been allowing immigration into their countries from Muslim lands. Muslims do not come to Europe to assimilate and adopt European culture and mores.  Islam is antithetical to Western values, even post Christian Western values.  It appears that the former colonial powers, Britain and France, are in the process of slowly being colonized or conquered by Muslims.  As well, there has been violence by Muslims in Scandinavian countries, and in Germany.”

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  1. Indeed, Islam is totally incompatible with Christianity and really Western civilization. It is a brutal, intolerant religion that views all outsiders with suspicion if not outright contempt. And mixing male Muslims into a European society and culture where women may be scantily clad in the summertime is absolutely insane. These male Muslims are taught that women who dress this way are practically begging to be raped, and so they are only too happy to oblige.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment.

      What you say is true. Sadly, the violence continues. Of course, the question arises as to what can be done in Europe even if Muslim immigration were to be stopped tomorrow? Would it require expulsion en masse of all (or most) Muslims? That would not be politically acceptable, nor easily achieved physically. Those Muslims who are innocent would be harmed. The Europeans are in a bad situation that is not going to be easily or quickly fixed, sorry to say. The Europeans allowed this situation to come about and that could have been avoided.

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