Thursday thoughts

Now, taking an evening walk most days, we saw and photographed this bumper sticker.


bumper sticker April 2016 2


An amusing thought.  Possibly a major challenge to tackle for those who post on the philosophy board.



Here is some insight or wisdom from a tea bag tag (drinking one particular brand of green tea can also amuse and/or edify a person).

Stop hating yourself for what you aren’t.

Start loving yourself for everything you are.

(Unknown author.)

Emphasize the positive in a very flawed world.  Try to live a constructive, loving life using your very own talents and abilities.

Every person has a contribution to make.  Do not live your life for others’ expectations or approval.  Life is not a popularity contest.

Quality in one’s personal relationships is more fulfilling, more beneficial than the quantity or number of your friends.


Now, let us share some other images captured on our walk last night.

This is a house painted a nice shade of blue.  It is fairly rare in our neighborhood to see a house painted blue.


blue house


The blue house seen straight on.  The low sun (in the west) is barely hitting the windows.


blue house 2


Several minutes later, arriving at a corner, we see this sign at a new coffee cafe.


coffee cafe 2


The sign now seen from the other side (looking west).  The point here, in these somewhat random images, is to notice the beauty in the ordinary, in the everyday things.  Appreciate the simple pleasures – these are often free of charge and available to all.


coffee cafe 4


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