kitten season: now is the time to adopt or donate

Animal rescue shelters and animal care organizations need your help now. There are thousands of abandoned kittens taken in each year by such agencies.  These very young cats need a loving home.  If you cannot adopt, consider volunteering your time at these animal rescue facilities.  As well, you can help these agencies (and the cats in need) by making financial contributions to them throughout the year.


cat 0625



You can find your local animal shelter in your phone book or by searching online.

Tell your friends and relatives, too.  They may wish to help.

For those in San Francisco, click on this link:


You can make a significant, positive difference in the lives of suffering, abandoned animals.

Animals do possess a level of consciousness, sentience, and they do feel pain and are harmed by neglect or abuse.

We have adopted a cat from the SF SPCA (pictured above) and we financially contribute to this organization on an ongoing basis.

Please consider helping out as you are able to.

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