Utah 2016 – sundry images

Here are some sundry pics from our recent holiday (vacation) in southeastern Utah.





As we enjoyed a continental breakfast in the motel in Green River, we took this photo of a wall hanging.




A tree in the early morning sun in the parking area of the motel.




Jamming down Interstate 70 in eastern Utah in the cloudy morning, we took this pic.


speed limit sign


Some folks were not content with this limit and were up to 85 mph or so.


speed limit sign 3


A caution to hikers to preserve the fragile soils in the national parks is seen here:




A park visitor from Texas with his special license plate.




One encounters and experiences a camaraderie with other hikers in the desert.  And, there were park visitors from Europe and East Asia in addition to North American visitors.




Desert vegetation.




At the bed & breakfast in Monticello, the proprietors left some books out for guests to read.


book covers


We thought this cover was rather amusing.


book cover 2


copyright 2016 – larrysmusings.com

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