Rock Shop in Moab, Utah

An interesting shop to visit for rocks, fossils and curios in Moab is the Moab Rock Shop.  You cannot miss it on the main street towards the north end of town.


Moab rock shop



Amusing sign in the parking area.


rock shop parking area


Outdoor tables with rocks complement the nicer specimens in the indoor section of the shop.


Moab Rock Shop 2


Devil’s Claws.


Devil's claws 2


These appear to be from a kind of tree or desert bush.


Devil's claws


My wife capturing me perusing the rocks.  We did buy a few items.


rock shop tables 4


Old style (narrow gauge) ore cars for mines and/or quarries.


rock shop outdoor area


Mini locomotive.


rock shop outdoor area 5


More outdoor rocks.


rock shop outdoor area 6


The outdoor tables were available after hours.  Sales at night were on “the honor system”.


night sales


From another angle, we get this view.


night sales 2


Old style fire hydrant used as a decoration.


fire hydrant


A container for trash.




Rocks for sale outdoors.


rock shop tables 5


More specimens.


rock shop tables


These appear to be metal ore baskets.


rock shop outdoor area 3


The pesky wind that day was having its way with my wife’s hair.  It was a relief to go inside the store a few moments later.


rock shop tables 3


Lucy standing among some pieces of petrified wood.


petrified wood


Another view.


rock shop outdoor area 4


The store offers the opportunity to purchase small fossils.  For many, who lack the time and expertise to hunt for fossils, this may be one of the few chances to acquire fossils (for personal collections) that they will have.  There are fossils for sale from faraway lands such as countries in Africa.  Also, there are rocks from other states and also from a few other countries.  The rock shop has been in business for more than 50 years and the present operator is the third generation in this family owned business.


rock shop flyer


Curios.  Small carved skulls.


carved skulls small at rock shop


Various crystals.




Fossilized dinosaur bones.


rock shop dino bones


Fossilized dinosaur eggs.


dino eggs


Amethyst.  The birth stone for the month of February.


amethyst raw


A kind of quartz.


quartz raw


The store has some security.


rock shop smile


More specimens.


rock shop indoor section


Other items.


rock shop indoor section 2


Another view of the interior of the store.


rock shop indoor section 5


More rocks.


rock shop 3


Colorful rocks.


rock shop tables 2


Green rocks for purchase.


green rocks


Lucy by indoor exhibit cases that contained some of the higher value specimens.


rock shop indoor section 4


Another indoor area.


rock shop indoor section 3


With each purchased item, the store provides the customer with a small paper fact tag.


Rock info


Heading south from the rock store, this is a Moab street scene.


Moab street scene


copyright 2016 –   Now, celebrating 4 years of blogging.

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