violence from the left needs to be condemned

The whole world saw the images last week from San Jose.  Several citizens, who had attended a peaceful campaign rally for Donald Trump in that city, were harassed, verbally abused and, yes. physically assaulted upon leaving the rally.

American flags were burned while foreign flags were waved by those in the angry mob.

This occurred in the US, not in a third world country.


What is becoming clear to more and more Americans is that the Left in the US not only can be, but is, prone to violence.

Did we hear anyone on the Left condemn the needless violence?

No.  (I did not.  Perhaps, I missed something, but I doubt that.)

Any mayor that instructs a city’s police force “to stand down” when angry mobs become violent, or there is a credible concern of potential violence, needs to be removed from office.  Yet, such mayors in liberal bastions like San Jose, Baltimore, Chicago, etc. get re-elected time and again.

Hello.  When violence prone individuals (and groups) see a police force standing by and doing nothing when assaults take place, and/or when windows are smashed and fires started, they are not deterred but rather are encouraged to engage in violent acts.  That is the reality.

Should we expect more violence from those on the Left if Hillary Clinton is elected President?  This is a valid concern.  Under Barack Obama, we saw violence and destruction of property in several cities where police were told to stand down.  Obama’s ideological Justice Department under Eric Holder (and now under AG Loretta Lynch) has much culpability for increased racial tensions and a declining respect for both laws and law enforcement personnel.

Is this the kind of country we really want?

copyright 2016 –   Now, celebrating 4 years of blogging.


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