liberal fascism in the US

Let us give a working definition of liberal fascists.  Liberals who achieve their ends by non-democratic, even anti-democratic means we call liberal fascists. “Liberals” are those who push for the implementation in society of the policy positions of the Left (on the role of government in society, on centralized economic planning, on the abolition of property rights, on foreign relations, on immigration, on education, on health care, and on so-called “social” issues).  Liberals push for the increasing centralization of power in the hands of an “enlightened” elite that knows best in all matters.  Such an elite is not benevolent, and once empowered, need not be.



Today, and for several years even decades past, we have an increasingly aggressive government at all levels seeking to increase its power and thereby erode our true constitutional and natural rights.  Unelected, faceless bureaucrats at the federal level issue regulations by the thousands each year (no exaggeration) that have the force of law. The President issues numerous executive orders that overstep his authority under the Constitution.  The black-robed, unelected social engineers (revolutionaries?) on the US Supreme Court rubber stamp the power grabs by the executive and legislative branches of government (the Obama Care case decision of June, 2012 comes quickly to mind as one notable example).  Many “controversial” issues, such as so-called gay marriage and abortion are decided not in the various state legislatures but by the Supreme Court in Washington that has no jurisdiction over things not mentioned in the US Constitution.  (Each June, we cringe at the prospect of the high court’s irreversible decisions that will be imposed on us during this month.)  The states have surrendered their sovereignty to Washington in return for federal tax dollars granted to them.  Sadly, in our country, there is no effective opposition party to the Left and its destructive agenda.  The Republicans are as craven, corrupt and fraudulent as any politicians in a Third World hell hole are.

What of the future prospects for the US?

We see a woman, who, on her meds or off of them, gives much indication of being mentally ill (insane).  Hillary Clinton appears likely to win by a wide margin on election day, and become president.  Does anyone truly think that things will get better during her time as president?  Just what have she and her husband been telling the banks and the corporations in their speeches behind closed doors these past several years?

other related thoughts

The genesis of this essay is all the ongoing programs on Hitler and the National Socialists of the 1930s and 1940s currently on various TV channels. Seriously, a couple of these channels would be better named the “All Hitler Channel” considering the disproportionate amount of air time given to him and his movement seventy years after the end of the Second World War.

One thing these various documentary (propaganda?) programs are letting slip out – perhaps unintentionally – is that in most of these European countries in the 1930s and 1940s there were well-organized communist movements with communist agitators.  Communists had always called for worldwide revolution.  Serious students of 20th century history already knew this.  For many Europeans of the time, nationalist and fascist movements and groups were seen to be anti-Communist and anti-anarchist.  (Consider the Spanish Civil War, 1936 – 1939.)  Not all who joined such anti-Communist groups were blood thirsty sadists and criminals.  Beware the current default, knee-jerk condemnation of any and all who are nationalist in their sentiments.  Are those who voted last week in Britain to leave the EU all closet Nazis waiting to don their SS uniforms at the opportune moment?  Heaven forbid.  (And, no, being a nationalist does not make one “anti-Semitic”.)

An over emphasis on the horrors and dangers of the 1930s and 1940s tends to divert attention from the current situation in these United States.  The current situation is deteriorating.  From another perspective, recalling the 1930s and 1940s ought to serve as a warning to us today of the dangers of the Left and liberal fascism.

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