trees in a park

From below, we look upwards at the branches and leaves of a tree framed by the passing clouds.





Here we look up at another tree.




Walking in Golden Gate Park in early April, we took these pictures of trees.




There are many trees in the park.  We see some of these from the foot path.




A tree with spring time blossoms.




The cars in the picture give a sense of the true size of the trees.




Another image.




Trees and cars.




Lucy agreed to walk on ahead of me.   This has the effect of putting a human figure in to the image: man (woman) as part of a natural scene, part of nature.




The same tree seen without the presence of humans or their artifacts (cars).




Further along the foot path, we have this scene.





From another weekend walk in April, and in another part of the city, we have these images.


birds 3


Birds congregate along the remains of a large tree by the edge of a lake.


birds 2


A closer view.  These local residents are not overly concerned with passersby.




A nearby tree.


tree on rainy day 2


Another tree.


tree on rainy day


A view after the morning rain.  A possible zen moment.


rainy day walk


Lake, clouds and trees.


Lucy on walk 2


Clouds, trees and wet pavement.


Lucy on walk 3


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