pics of our cat

Our pet cat, Yoyo, is seen here at rest but still alert.





What is this thing they point at me?  He is looking right at the camera in this shot.




Can’t a cat take a nap around here?


Yoyo up close new


He likes to sleep near or on us on the living room couch.




A close up of the cat sleeping.




In another spot for this picture, Yoyo looks our way.




Looking slightly annoyed here, it may be better to leave him alone.




Another pose.




A closer view here.  At the time these images were taken (this past Spring), he was about 2 years old.




We loaned Yoyo out while we were on holiday in May.  These last 2 pics are of him as guest in a relative’s home.




From above, we see the cat in his pet bed.




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