the errors of Christian Zionism

Many Christians are ardent supporters and defenders of Israel and of the Jewish people.  Unquestioning support for Israel has been promoted by many Protestant pastors and leaders (including some on the TV and radio) over the years.

In this essay, we point out some errors of this Christian Zionism.





One error to be aware of in this passionate Christian support for Israel and the Jewish people is that the “Jews” of today are not in their beliefs the same as the Hebrews of the Old Testament.  Many Jews today are atheist or agnostic, and this is true of the Jews who reside in Israel and for those living in Europe and the US.  For those who actually adhere to and practice Judaism, the Talmud is the principle book upon which their moral code is based.  Modern Judaism is Talmudism, and Talmudism is Pharisaism.  When Martin Luther read some of the Talmud, he was shocked by the many anti-Christ, and anti-Christian verses there were in it.

Another error for Christian Zionists to be aware of is that the Jews of today are not the so-called “Chosen People”, nor are they descendants of the “Chosen People”.  The Ashkenazi, or eastern Jews make up more than 90 per cent of the Jews of the world. These people are not descendants of the ancient Hebrews, or if you prefer, the Israelites living in Palestine 2,000 years ago. A true ancestral “home” for the Jews would be located in the area of Russia (east of the Ukraine) where they settled in the early Middle Ages and there converted to Judaism (in the 8th century A.D.).  Not only have the 20th century writings of Jews acknowledged this fact (that the Ashkenazi Jews are descended from a tribe living on the steppes of Russia that converted to Judaism in the early Middle Ages), but the language we know as Yiddish is the old Chazari tongue that this people spoke at the time of their conversion to Judaism.

At this point, one may ask that: if the Jews of today are not like the Hebrews of the Old Testament in their beliefs and moral code, and they are not the same people who had roots in Palestine, why are many Christians passionate supporters of Israel?

Biblical mandate to defend Israel?

This is another error with Christian Zionism, and one that is particularly disturbing.  The claim is made that we as Christians have a “Biblical mandate” to defend (the modern Zionist state of) Israel.  (I heard this on a Christian radio program years ago.)  If one considers Jesus’ new and everlasting Covenant – which supersedes the old Covenant – one can see that what Christians need to be defending is Jesus’ teachings and His church (taken together: Christianity).


I would humbly suggest to those who self identify as Christian and who have bought into this Christian Zionism, to recall Jesus’ command to the Apostles to preach the Gospel to all nations/peoples, both Jews and Gentiles. Christians ought to be spreading the Gospel and that includes to the Jews. There may not be many converts from among the Jews, but preaching the Gospel to them would be a more authentic Christian approach to engaging them than Christian Zionism is.

As we dealt with this issue at much greater length and in greater detail (with quotes and references) in the autumn of 2012, we will end now.

a final thought

Christians can choose to support the persecuted and suffering Christians throughout the Middle East.  There are a number of Christian aid organizations working in the area that help the Christian refugees of Iraq and Syria.  These organizations could use financial contributions to help them in their much needed relief efforts.

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  1. To,
    The Zionist.

    Muslims dont need any sort of upgradation in Islam. Rather it is you who is outdated.

    Whom you call God of Moses… is now the God of Jesus (Eesa) and Muhammad too!

    Feeling outnumbered?

    A Muslim.

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