black lives matter: if that were so . . . . .

Why then the silence about the blacks being killed every day of the year by other blacks (and in much greater numbers than in police shootings)?  Black on black crime is an issue rarely, if ever, talked about by black agitators in various pressure groups including Black Lives Matter.

We have heard that violent crime and the murder rate is up in cities where law enforcement has been vilified and where trials (show trials, really) of police officers were conducted to pacify angry mobs.  In such cities, the police have backed off their proactive policing and the results have been harmful to the communities they serve.  Baltimore is one such city suffering perhaps its highest murder rate in its history.


If black lives really do matter to these agitators known as Black Lives Matter, why then is there no condemnation of, nor protest over the large numbers of black babies dismembered in their mothers’ wombs every day in the nation’s abortion mills?  Blacks make up 13 per cent of the population of the US, and yet 35 per cent of the abortions performed annually are done on black mothers.

Why is there no presence by Black Lives Matter in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion centers located in inner city neighborhoods?  Where is the outrage?

What do you think?  Black Lives Matter focuses its anger on the small number of blacks killed by police (keep in mind many (not all) such police shootings after investigation are deemed to have been justifiable) while choosing to ignore the vastly larger numbers of blacks killed day in and day out, year after year through violent crime and elective abortion.

One lesson from all this is that extremists cannot see that they are just that. They are also very selective at where they direct their anger.  The folks in Black Lives Matter do not appear to really care about black lives.


And, Obama has stoked the fires of resentment and anger.  Our first black president is nearing the end of his time in office and what do we see in the nation?  Rapidly deteriorating race relations and mob anger directed at police nationwide.

Obama, blinded by his slavish adherence to ideology, in his remarks can only harp on old grievances and distort current statistics.  He offers no constructive solutions.

Will any one in the black community step up and ask the question: What has Obama done for blacks?  His economic policies have led to blacks being worse off (by numerous metrics) than back when Bush was president.  Black on black crime has not gotten better.  There has been no improvement in the abysmally poor state of black family formation.  It is not happening and most black children are in single parent households, and that contributes significantly to them remaining in poverty and despair.

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