anti-Semitism: do some Jews provoke it?

Warning: tabu subject matter is discussed.

Yes, aggressive, radical Jews – who demand the world be the way they deem it should be – provoke anti-Semitism.





The sad fact is that although not all Jews are radicals, social revolutionaries, or communists, a very disproportionate share of the leaders in these groups are and have been ethnic Jews.  (Sometimes, they change their names to obscure their ethnicity.)

Doubt this?  Consider 3 subjects worth investigating.  1. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  2.  The 1960s in the USA.  3. Current vocal, liberal members of our society and federal government.

If you do your research (and you should as you will value what you find more than anything someone else gives you), you will find: that most of the Bolshevik leaders and the leaders of the Soviet secret police were ethnic Jews; that many of the social and cultural revolutionaries of the 1960s were also ethnic Jews; and that today some of the most extreme liberals in our government and in our society are ethnic Jews.  (A few current examples are Senators Schumer of New York, Boxer and Feinstein of California; US Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg (pictured above), Breyer and Kagan.

I do not believe that Jews should be given a free pass here.  If they work to undermine our Constitution, our freedoms and our culture, we need to speak against them and work to counter their efforts.  At this blog, we are not like Christian Zionists who mistakenly believe that the worst Jewish person is more pleasing to God than decent people of other faiths and other ethnicities.

Of course, a question arises that we cannot answer.  Why are some Jews so very aggressive and even destructive in trying to reshape the world into what they believe it should be like?

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