bars inside glass

Here is one for the weekly photo challenge – “details”.




Bars, walls, barriers, borders – all can serve to keep people outside or these can keep people locked inside.



We can notice the details in these images.  What caught my eye as my wife and I were on an evening stroll through our neighborhood, was that for this window, the homeowner had chosen to have the burglar bars placed on the inside of this window.  On the other windows visible from the sidewalk, the security bars were mounted on the outside.  As well, we can choose to see the reflection in the glass that shows the houses across the street.  We can even peer inside to see a blue recycle container.

Let us not get lost in the details, but consider a larger view.

Our minds need to open up to new thoughts and new experiences for growth. Growth requires we come out of, or at least, stretch our comfort zones.

Do we choose to build barriers that insulate us from the new, the different? Do we remain rigid in order to protect our small little cocoon that is our present consciousness?  Are we closed to the new, and the different because we are afraid?

Are we conscious of these choices?

Yes, opening up can make us feel vulnerable, but that is the risk, the cost of gaining and growing from new and diverse thoughts and experiences.

I think of some of the people who I have known who have passed on beyond this life.  Some of them were extremely rigid in their thinking.  Their rigidity protected their very small comfort zone.  Sadly, there appeared to be very little growth in these individuals.  They were the same people in old age that they had been when much younger.  No growth.  Missed opportunities.  Had they been fully alive while here?

Back to the photos of this window.

A closer shot here that shows more detail of the interior.  As well, the reflection of the car parked along the curb is more clearly seen in this pic.




We close with a close up view from directly in front of this window.  A hint of the photographer appears in this image almost like a spirit or phantom.




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