what Trump needs to win

Here is what Donald Trump needs to win the US presidential election in November.

Gays for Trump

Illegal Aliens for Trump (oh, yes, these folks do vote)



White Liberals for Trump

Blacks for Trump  (As Jonathan Gentry (on YouTube) laments:  “When will black people change?!”  He is a black American.)

Young, single, sexually active women for Trump


Get the idea?

For Trump to win, he must garner some votes (like say 20 per cent or more) from the above groups.  But, this is extremely unlikely to happen regardless of how he conducts his campaign going forward.

As an independent, I can critique both flawed major political parties.  The prospect of Hillary Clinton winning and doing more damage to the country is viscerally upsetting to me.  But, truth be told, Trump is a long shot in this election.  And, he has his problems as a candidate, too.

copyright 2016 – larrysmusings.com

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