the importance of strong families

As a refuge, a sanctuary from the unloving, stressful, painful world that we live in, work in, and go out into each day, the family is crucially important and valuable.  Strong, caring, loving families can be and are the best source of emotional support for individuals, especially vulnerable children.



It appears that many Western nations are in an advanced state of social decay. Western civilization is in a state of crisis.  (A discussion of the various reasons or causes for this state of societal crisis are beyond the scope of this short essay.)  Families – strong, loving families – are even more important, more needed and more valuable in these trying times.  Children need to be protected, taught, encouraged and supported emotionally by their family so that they can avoid the many pitfalls, the many dangers in society today. Husbands and wives, too, need the support and love they can receive from a loving family.

If you love your spouse, and love your children, then make the conscious effort, take the time to nurture and support them.  Be involved with your children as you raise them.  Take an active role rather than passive.

Stronger families with more involved parents – both mothers and fathers – would reduce: juvenile delinquency, school drop out rates, teen sexual promiscuity (with the resulting STIs and unplanned pregnancies), drug abuse and crime.  Parents who take an active role in their children’s lives can help these children to resist the ever present peer pressures in their daily lives. Such peer pressures often have destructive effects on young people’s lives.

We feel badly for those who come home each day or evening to a home that is a battleground and not a harmonious refuge.

As well, we feel badly for those children (without a family) waiting to be placed in loving foster homes.  The emotional and psychological hurt and pain they feel and experience can do lasting harm to them.

the take away from this post

Married persons: nurture your marriages as strong marriages help to build strong families.

Parents: take an active interest in raising your children until they are young adults.  Do not expect the schools to do this for you. Yes, there are times when you will understandably feel that raising your children is a thankless job. (The young can be quite rebellious and unappreciative especially during their teenage years.)  But, keep at it and do your best.

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