The real causes of black rage?

Again we see violence in the streets of a US city.  This past weekend the scene was Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The spark that lit the fuse appears to have been the slaying of an armed black man by a black police officer.

But, why do we hear, from audio of the mob in the streets, chants and screams for beating any and all white people who may be travelling down the city streets?

Let’s consider that there are other reasons (than police shootings) for this growing, or at least simmering, black rage in America’s cities.



Despair and hopelessness are 2 of the main causes of black rage.

The sad facts are that most inner city, black children grow up without a father in the home; that a disproportionate share of these fatherless children are in poverty; that many of these children will not finish high school; that many will become involved with drugs and crime and have children out-of-wedlock.

Most of these children end up trapped in very difficult, miserable lives with little hope of a better future.  Hopelessness can and often does lead to despair. Even helplessness, or feeling helpless to effect any constructive change in their personal lives burdens many blacks in the inner cities.

Hopelessness, despair and feeling powerless to change anything for the better will give rise to anger.  We see what anger leads to when the inner cities burn.

Obama and Clinton and failed policies

Notwithstanding his injecting his remarks into many local law enforcement incidents that were sensationalized by the main stream news media, Barack Obama has not done anything substantive for blacks in the past 7 1/2 years! Black poverty and unemployment are worse now than even under his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Hillary Clinton appears poised to win by a wide margin in November.  She will achieve this with 90+ per cent of black Americans voting for her.  However, she is not talking about doing anything differently domestically than what Obama has been doing.  So, it is hard to see how blacks will be better off under Madam Hillary.

Now I am not advocating that black Americans rush to vote for the phoney Republican party (whose craven cowardice turns my stomach).  But, we must ask why do blacks continue to vote by literally overwhelming margins – election after election – for the political party whose policies continue to keep them down?!

We briefly addressed that last question in one of our earliest blog essays back in the summer of 2012.  Our conclusion at that time was that radicalized thinking is not rational thinking.  If someone is beating me upside my head with a club, I am not going to urge them on to continue the beating.  Blacks are not happy with their current condition – they are angry.

When a black man or woman sees through the lies of the big government, less true freedom, Democrat politicians (perhaps we ought to use the terms “progressive” or “liberal” here) and dares to speak out against them, he/she is vilified and attacked as a “sellout” or an “uncle Tom”, etc.  If such a person through his/her own efforts builds a successful life and leaves the crime ridden inner city for the safer, more affluent suburbs, he/she has left the plantation.  And, such a person has proven that it is a lie to say that blacks cannot do anything without the help of the government.

I have lived through these times and I am not blind to what goes on around me.  There has been a terrible waste of human potential on a large-scale in the black community for decades now.  Young lives lost from violent crime and drug abuse.  Lives made miserable through poverty – which government entitlements have not cured.  Too may fatherless children and single, unwed mothers.

That is a tragedy with a capital T.  We can hope that this ongoing tragedy will abate, wind down and eventually end.  But, that is really up to black Americans.  For one thing, they need to form lasting families with 2 parents in the home.  As well, they make the difference, they are the margin of victory for the Democrat Party.  If blacks continue to put Democrats (the same old same old) into power, things will not improve for blacks.  We have decades of failed Democrat Party social and economic policies to assure us of that.

This appears to be what is termed a vicious cycle.  Blacks are not participating in the American dream to the degree of most other ethnic and racial groups within our diverse nation.  This understandably upsets and frustrates black Americans.  Yet, if their personal behavior and voting patterns do not change for the better, they will remain in a bad condition.  Becoming even angrier and even being violent in the streets is not going to change anything constructively.

My advice is for black Americans to: 1. Demand of their community leaders and their pastors to stress the importance of personal responsibility.  If you father a child, you damned well better be around to raise that child.  And, 2. Demand that the people they put in office pursue policies that will allow them to participate more fully in American economic life.  (This will actually require the government to get out of the way so that the free market can help create more jobs in the cities for black Americans.)  And, if the politicos do not heed these legitimate demands, then black Americans only need withhold their votes come election day.  Yes, it will take defeating these corrupt, career politicians – perhaps for a few election cycles – to finally get their attention and be taken seriously.

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