How was your day?

This short post caught our attention today. We do need perspective in our lives. We also need to work to help others who are suffering.

Fat, Broke, but not Stupid!

There is a lot of unnecessary pain in the world. I’m not just talking about war and violence, but pain we cause others and ourselves as well.

We make meaningless things important. We hurt others and ourselves giving too much power to things that have no true value.

I think about this as I look at the boy in this picture. His house had been bombed in a civil war. While his parents and two siblings are still alive they are now homeless. What this boy and his family must face on a daily basis makes me ashamed of all I have and how much power I give to meaningless things.

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  1. That kid’s day sucked, yeah.

    But talk to any combat veteran and you will have a thousand or more stories like that…and grotesquely worse. At least someone gave a crap about him.

    We need perspective, but we also need to put perspective into action. We need to be the hammer that comes down so hard on the head of evil that all hell recoils in terror.

    We are uniquely blessed, or gifted, or whatever, in this country. We don’t need to make Taylor Swift a millionairess. We need to bring down the thunder, and make the world safe for simple people to live lives free of fear.

    I lost my soul as a merc, fighting for that. Even now, dying of pancreatic cancer, if I had the opportunity I would go bush again, with FN in hand.

    For that Syrian kid.

    We need to be better. We need to be the solution.

    Because whether we know it or not, we are all in this together.

    1. If we’re “The Greatest Country On Earth” we need to act like it, but we’ve lost our way. I believe as citizens we know right vs wrong but the people who run our government don’t.

      1. Thanks Rob for your comment. One wonders why the American people put up with the 2 very corrupt major political parties. It is just the same old same old.

  2. Yes, we need to be the solution. Sadly, the hellish Middle East is even more hellish these past several years because of mistakes and failures of Bush and Obama and Hillary Clinton (as Secretary of State).

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