intimacy resources for Christian wives

Healthy sexual intimacy within marriage can be an area of frustration, even confusion, for some married Christians.  Yet, fulfilling sexual intimacy within one’s marriage is something not to be taken for granted nor neglected.

In this short essay, we provide links to some helpful resources in this area.

Here are two relevant blogs that Christian wives may find useful.  Both of these blogs are written by Christian wives.  These are recommended as many wives find it easier to relate to the experiences and writings of other wives than to blogs written by married men.

Longtime marital intimacy blogger and speaker, Julie Sibert, has an excellent, long running blog with many posts on various aspects of sexual intimacy within a Christian marriage.  Visit her blog here:

Intimacy in Marriage

Another helpful blog written by 2 Christian wives for Christian wives is Awaken Love.  Visit this blog here:

Awaken Love


For a listing of links to many of our own essays on marriage and sex, visit our Marriage and Sex page.

specific articles

If you are going to have sex with your husband (and, of course, you are), then you need to become comfortable with his semen.  Here is a helpful blog post from The Forgiven Wife that has a positive and needed message for wives:

enjoying your husband’s semen

Here are some individual recommendations.  It is surprising that oral sex within a loving marriage can cause so much consternation among (many) Christians, especially among Christian wives.  We believe that oral sex has a place within a Christian marriage.  The following 5 links address oral sex within a Christian marriage with the focus on the wife giving her husband oral sex.  The first 4 linked articles are written by Christian wives with the first 3 being from the above 2 blogs.

From Intimacy in Marriage:

How to give great oral sex to your husband

And, from Awaken Love, we share links to 2 well written and helpful articles.

This first article has many very good and helpful comments (by wives) at the end, and Ruth stresses the intimate connection (emotional) with your husband that can be experienced and shared in oral sex.  With mutual respect and acceptance, oral sex can be a great way for you to lovingly connect with your husband (even with the shared vulnerability both spouses may feel).

Learning to like giving your husband oral sex

and, for specific tips on technique:

How to love your husband with oral sex

From J (a Christian wife) over at Hot, Holy and Humorous, is this helpful post on the question of swallowing during fellatio.  J tackles this challenging question in a very thorough manner.

Should you just swallow already?

For our very lengthy and comprehensive essay on the wife performing oral sex for her husband click on this link:

Spicing Up Married Lovemaking

Feel free to forward these links on to those you know who may benefit from them.

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