in search of a sense of wonder

Remember, if you can, when life was fresh, new, awe-inspiring . . . like the morning just after the sun has peaked above the horizon.  Is not this what we are hoping to find again as we journey on through life – this sense of wonder for life and for the world that we lost in our childhood?


blue angels 2014 san francisco



Our attempts to recapture this fleeting, elusive wonder for life may take many forms and do not always succeed.  Whether we find it in flower arranging, hiking in the wilderness, making love, or in some other activity, we know the wonder when we experience it and we know it is special.

Sometimes, the wonder catches us unawares.  It is not forced, but envelops us for a brief, blissful moment.  At these rare times, we can let go and let life, the world, the universe in.  We are small and life is large.  Beauty, awe, humility and gratitude can be found in these magical moments.  There is so much more around us than we are conscious of.

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