This is the central question facing voting citizens in the US in the approaching November election.  What is at stake is the future course of the country for all citizens, young and old alike, engaged and apathetic alike.

The founders and framers of the Constitution knew this question well.  If you read the US Constitution, you can see that their answer was that government was to be made the servant and constrained to remain the servant of the people, otherwise, if not constrained, the government would inevitably grow in power to become the people’s master.

This election is about us, the people of the US – about who we are, and about what we value.



Do we want the government to run our lives through: ever increasing regulations coming from career bureaucrats in Washington, overreaching laws (such as the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare) erupting out of Congress, unconstitutional power grabs in the executive branch aka Executive Orders, and the whims of the black robed ideologues aka Supreme Court decisions? Are we really willing to abdicate our personal responsibility for our own lives and entrust our future to the ruling class entrenched in the halls of government?!

Or, do we still value freedom, true liberties?

If you like the current situation in the US – a central government that continues to erode our rights as citizens as it expands its reach through legislation, regulation, and executive fiat into all aspects of our daily lives; an economy that has too many government imposed barriers to business formation and growth and thus cannot create good, high paying jobs for its unemployed; and an increasingly polarized populace becoming violent as it becomes more frustrated and angry at the status quo – then your candidate for much more of the same is obviously Hillary Clinton.

If you recognize that we cannot continue along the same path and hope that things can somehow get better, then you cannot rationally vote for Hillary Clinton, the candidate of the same old same old.  Mr. Trump, despite his many faults and rough edges to his personality, did speak truth some time back when he said of Hillary Clinton that she tells us that things can never change.

We cannot have it both ways:  we cannot have both the nanny state and retain our true liberties.  There is a cost to being free and freedom requires that we take personal responsibility for our lives.  The government cannot replace the family.

A final word of caution to Americans.  There are no safe havens for us to emigrate to, at least not in large numbers.  We are going to have to live with each other for the rest of our lives in this country.  If Hillary Clinton is elected and delivers on her promises and gives reign to her lifelong lust for power, we will all suffer, even liberals who will elect her.  I think it is not so far-fetched to say that when anger and frustration increase – as these will increase when things worsen – many folks are going to be very angry at the people who elected Hillary.  While we continue to fight amongst ourselves, our real common enemy (the corrupt and entrenched ruling class) continues to grab power at our expense.

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