aliens interacting with humans: the new mythology?

There seems to be an all too human need to believe in something.

Have (space) aliens replaced the ancient pagan gods as the overseers of humans on this planet in many people’s minds?  Many ancient myths and religious texts from around the world are currently being reinterpreted with a bias in favor of aliens over supernatural beings (gods) as being the actors or players in these diverse myths and beliefs.


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Let’s briefly note the things that extraterrestrials are credited with nowadays. Our purpose is not to argue in favor or against the possibility or plausibility of such alien involvement with humans over time.

The possible manipulation of hominid DNA by aliens in the ancient past to spur and/or direct human physical (biological) evolution.

Promethean assistance for humans to make technological progress at various points throughout human history, especially in the past several decades as technological and scientific progress and development have greatly accelerated.

The abductions of human individuals at different places and at different times for various purposes (so-called alien abductions).

The fashioning (or bringing into existence) of hybrids: individuals with both alien and human genes.  Are such hybrid organisms among us now?

Intelligent Design theory is now thought (by some, perhaps many) to support a belief in alien intervention rather than the existence of a Creator God.  (One might opine that Intelligent Design has been hijacked.)

This concept or belief in ongoing alien intervention is addressed/discussed in various books, in television programs, on Internet websites, and on late night radio talk show programs.

Is human progress, both evolutionary and technological, the doing of space visitors to our planet?  Can humans progress on their own?  Intriguing questions for the reader to ponder.

For some, alien intervention is almost dogmatic belief.  As noted above, there is an all too human need to believe in something.  For others, more skeptical, these ideas are the stuff of science fiction and are not to be taken too seriously by educated persons.

The inspiration for this essay came from a recently viewed episode of the Ancient Aliens series on TV.  This series is produced by Prometheus Entertainment.

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