why Catholics will help elect Hillary Clinton

Even after Wikileaks has released emails that tell of virulent contempt, if not hatred, for the Catholic Church and for Catholics by key figures in Hillary Clinton’s campaign organization, Catholics will likely vote by a wide margin for Hillary Clinton.  And, they will provide sufficient numbers of votes to be the margin of victory in this presidential election.

But, why will that happen?



The 2 issues that will serve to motivate Catholics in the US to vote for Hillary Clinton are concern for the poor, and so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” (which really means amnesty for the 25 – 30 million illegal immigrants residing in the US).  These 2 issues are the ones that come up time after time in sermons in Catholic churches around the country, and on Catholic radio programs and in Catholic periodicals.  One often reads of, or hears of “social justice issues” which include concern for the poor and immigration reform.  May I be blunt?  This “social justice” is de facto code speak for leftist claptrap.

We have already addressed, on this blog, proven steps that can and ought to be taken to alleviate poverty long term both in the countries of origin of so many illegal immigrants, and here in the US.  If such pro-growth, pro-opportunity economic policies were implemented, both poverty and illegal immigration would decline significantly over time.  (There is one notable Catholic organization that appears to understand this – The Acton Institute located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.)

Turning the US into a third world country (through open borders) is not the answer to poverty in Latin America.  These countries of origin need to make changes.  (The Brasilian Senate recently ousted their country’s president, Dilma Rousseff, whose Marxist policies have created economic chaos in that once promising economy.  Hopefully, Brasil can get back on track for real economic growth and opportunity for its citizens.)

The bishops and priests advocating for redistribution of wealth by the government and for de facto open borders do not understand how modern market economies work.  Redistributing wealth does not cure poverty long term even if it feels good in the short term.  Many of these bishops and priests seem to reside in a normative, theoretical world.  Thus, it is not surprising that what they call for does not work out well in the real world.

We encourage Catholics to think carefully before they cast their votes.

other related thoughts

A few words about how pervasive concern for the poor is and how it tends to trump other issues for the Catholic Church.  A few years ago there was a serious controversy in the US and in Canada over the annual church collections for the (Catholic) Campaign for Human Development.  It was found that some donated monies were being directed to groups in Latin America that were agitating for liberalization of national abortion laws there or were otherwise involved in the promotion of abortion.  Say what? Apparently, the Church administrators were either not careful in their vetting process or did not care to vet the organizations they directed funds to.  It appears that as long as an organization feigns concern for “the poor” that is enough to win grants from this Catholic campaign.

If you are down on Mr. Trump because of these very recent claims of sexual misconduct and sexual assault, be aware that already 2 of the women who came out last week are being exposed as frauds by witnesses who did not see such alleged conduct or who tell of a pattern of such complaints (bogus) by one of the women over time against other men.  Set aside the long running sexual schizophrenia of the Catholic Church and consider what Hillary Clinton will do as president cum dictator.  The point here is the future of the country is at stake and that is no exaggeration.  Electing Hillary Clinton means a more vigorous attack by the federal government on our rights including – Catholics take note – our right to practice our religion, and our free speech rights (which include speaking out against government excesses and abuses).

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  1. Yeah, tell me about it! What about all those Syrian “refugees” (all men of military age) that Hillary wants to bring in here to show how “tolerant” we should all be of beheadings and stonings for adultery and being raped (not a typo). I predict a SERIOUS civil war between all the races if Hillary ever gets her way. After much bloodshed, they will call for gun confiscation to (supposedly) curb the violence. Bet they won’t do anything about swords, I predict.

    The Dems just want the votes they can get from the flood of Hispanic Catholics, while the Repubs want the cheap labor. To hell with America or its Constitution. That’s why Trump better win, or we are finished.

    1. Yes, if Trump loses, the country is lost.

      You’re right that both major political parties want the illegals to keep coming. But, I fault the conservatives and the Tea Party folks for not leaving the phony Republican party and forming a new party that would truly oppose the Left in the US. My lament is that we never really had a true opposition party to the Left. The Republicans were not it. (An upcoming essay, later this month, will address this a little more.)

      If and when they do try to confiscate the guns, it will turn ugly.

  2. Interesting thoughts, larry. I’m a devout Catholic, though, and I think you’re overlooking one thing – most Catholics quite happily ignore their priests and higher blokes when they start on the political/social justice rant. And most Catholic periodicals aren’t really read; the ‘op ed’ pieces are generally about as enthralling as North Korean propaganda posters.

    From what I’ve seen (and I am an ‘adoptee’, not born to the faith) we’re there because the symbolism and ritual mean something (and maybe because our backsides go to sleep if a sermon lasts longer than ten minutes…a Catholic service is like doing PT…up, down, up, KNEEL, up…).

    I don’t disrespect the priests, but when they go beyond working the readings into a sermon that directly affects OUR lives, we tune them out. Partially because they’re not ‘tending to THEIR flock’, but also because they tend to go into tedious use of fashionable jargon. You hear ‘the preferential option for the poor’ in a homily and that’s the signal to hit the snooze button.

    My feeling is that most Catholics will be driven by issues, just like everyone else. Those who oppose abortion won’t vote for Clinton; those who support ‘sanctuary cities’ will.

    1. Thanks Andrew for your comment.

      The “symbolism” and ritual had better mean something. The sacraments ought to be important to practicing Catholics.

      Yes, issues will drive many Catholic voters. And, that speaks to my post. Those who respond to the calls to help the poor will vote for Clinton. The problem is that the Church with this “seamless garment” nonsense tends to equate all the issues, make all social issues of equal importance – at least that is how it comes across to some of us. Thus, a concern for illegal immigrants is of equal importance to stopping the ongoing mass murder of children in their mothers’ wombs. (But, admittedly, the Republicans really never did anything to stop abortion.) If Clinton wins, we will lose many of our rights. Not overnight, but in increments.

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