vote fraud, the Left, scandals, and Hillary Clinton

The title says it all.  As we have in prior elections, we will hear that there was 100 percent voter turnout in many inner city precincts with 99 percent voting for the Democrat nominee for president.  Dead persons still on the voter rolls will cast ballots for Hillary Clinton.  Illegal aliens, who cannot legally vote, will vote multiple times.  Guess who they will be casting ballots for.

We only wish that those who ardently call for free and fair elections in other countries would be insisting on the same here in the US.  All this voter fraud disenfranchises the rest of us that vote legally.



A tactic of the Left is to accuse your opponents of what you yourself are doing. You do this to divert suspicion from yourself. Thus, the mainstream media will air accusations of vote fraud for Trump to divert attention from the very real and serious vote fraud being perpetrated for Hillary Clinton by her allies and supporters.  And, as we have seen, the Left gets violent and then paints as violent its victims.

Perhaps Russian computer hackers will save American voters (us) from themselves (ourselves).  It would be somewhat ironic if outside (foreign) vote manipulation and fraud were to offset our own homegrown vote fraud in this election.

A few words on scandals.  Do you, can you, remember the 1990s?  We do.  The previous Clinton administration was plagued with never-ending scandals and abuse of power.  The past is prologue to the future if Hillary Clinton wins or steals this election.

We remember the Clinton Department of Justice headed by Attorney General Janet Reno.  She continued to order the FBI to find a conspiracy among the various pro-life groups that peacefully protested outside of abortion facilities and offered abortion bound mothers real alternatives to abortion.  Time and again, the FBI came back to her (after investigating) and said there was no conspiracy among these various local pro-life groups to block access to abortion centers.

The FBI, which ought to have been monitoring and apprehending terrorists within the country and fighting true crimes (like drug trafficking and human sex trafficking), was devoting much of its resources to beating up on politically incorrect groups and individuals.  (We have seen the same thing under Obama with his IRS.)  That helps to indicate the priorities that Hillary Clinton will have going forward.

We now have a Department of Justice that, under Eric Holder and now, Loretta Lynch, has been politicized, corrupted and compromised.  Do you really think that Hillary Clinton will attempt to correct this?  If she becomes president, she will take office while likely being under criminal investigation. She will purge any and all federal prosecutors that cannot be corrupted and thus present a danger to her.  Recall that Bill Clinton summarily fired all 93 US Attorneys on March 23, 1993 (just 2 months into his presidency).  A compliant news media never fully investigated this for the American people.

Recent revelations from Wikileaks and Project Veritas reveal that Hillary Clinton and her closest advisors say one thing in public and another thing in private on many subjects.  Just what do Bill and Hill say to Wall Street investment banks and corporations in their speeches?  What do they tell foreign donors to their “charitable foundation” – a foundation that looks more like a money laundering operation than a bona fide charity?

Before you vote for Hillary Clinton, consider her phoney smile she puts on for the cameras on the campaign trail.  We can no longer sugar coat the politically incorrect truth: Hillary Clinton is the face of arrogance, deceit, and yes, betrayal.  She is not about really helping the country and all its citizens as she asserts in her campaign rhetoric.  She is all about an all-consuming lust for power.  Her major character and ethical flaws disqualify her from being president.  Any sane people would reject her.

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