why the tea party and conservatives failed

The tea party and true conservatives failed to stop the liberals’ agenda because they backed the Republicans.  The Republicans are effectively enablers of the Left (aka the Democrat Party).  There is no true opposition party to the Left here in the US, and that is the real tragedy.


Consider just one example: Swept into power in the House of Representatives with the election of 2010 and the popular reaction against Obama Care, the Republicans never even cut funding to Obama’s takeover of health care in the US.  (The House controls the purse strings of the federal government.)

Consider, as well, presidential nominees and campaigns.

Every four years, the Republican Party establishment does everything it can to prevent a true conservative from achieving or winning the nomination for president.  As well, where does the RNC money go to in the primaries and in general elections?  The money being donated to the party gets directed to establishment candidates (non-conservatives) who will go along to get along and not rock the boat.

When an Establishment candidate is nominated, many conservatives stay home on election day and don’t vote.  (Romney in 2012 is the most recent example.)  If, heaven forbid, a conservative or a non-Establishment candidate (such as Trump) is nominated, the establishment voters may – and some do – vote for the Democrat candidate for President.  (We hear nearly every day of another notable Republican saying they will vote for Hillary or write in someone else.)

Both Bush presidencies – that were failures in their own right – paved the way for first Clinton (1992) and then Obama (2008). If only Ronald Reagan had not chosen the elder Bush for his vice presidential running mate in 1980! How things might have been different in the years after Reagan.  (Reagan chose Bush to mollify and appease the party establishment that at the time did not want Reagan as their party’s nominee.  We recall this from our undergraduate days in 1980.)

The lesson here is that the Republican Party cannot be reformed.  It has not been and will not ever become a conservative political party, albeit there are a few true conservatives among its elected office holders.  The tea party folks and true conservatives employed the wrong instrument, the wrong tool if you will, for the job.

A new, truly conservative party with no ties to the Republican Party is needed. But, the hour is very, very late for our constitutional republic.  There is not time to form a new party that might become viable in several years.

other related thoughts

As to the election next week, either way, whoever wins, the Republican Party will never be the same.  And, that is good news.  If Hillary wins – and the entrenched, corrupt Republican Party elites have said they can work with her (read: she will get her way on everything) – the Republicans will likely never win a future presidential election.  Why?  Because belatedly the conservatives and tea party will go elsewhere (the disgusting craven cowardice and corruption of the party establishment office holders will drive them away), and then a Republican candidate will only garner a quite small percentage of votes cast in a national election, insufficient ever to win.  If Trump manages the political comeback of the past few generations and wins the election, he will stand up to the party elites who will oppose him.  The American people, at least a significant segment, will back Trump over the Republicans in Congress.  The party establishment will lose big time.

Disclaimer:  We are not registered Republicans.  We are independents who desire smaller, more honest government that is not run by liberal ideologues.

copyright 2016 – larrysmusings.com


  1. I totally agree with your comments here, Larry. I am almost as fed up with the Republicans as I have been the Democrats. Neither party represents the majority of American people anymore, who are still for the most part traditional conservatives.

    The Republicans are letting Obama get away with (almost) literal murder. Obama’s birth certificate has been proven to be a forgery. He still won’t release his Occidental College records, which would reveal that he went there as a foreign exchange student. The Republican Congress has never challenged any of Obama’s executive orders, or his refusal to enforce our immigration laws. They won’t challenge any of his support for ISIS in Libya and Syria, or his buildup of huge weapon stockpiles right on Russia’s doorstep.

    All of these things and much more the Republicans seem to be in total agreement with. This is absolutely disgusting. I’ve had all I can stand of the GOP and the Democrats. We need totally new fresh blood on Capitol Hill. If both the Democrat and Republican Party completely disappeared overnight, that would make my day.

    1. Yes, we never really had a true opposition party to the Left and its destructive agenda. But, there is still hope. Come Tuesday, we may see the Establishment and the elites, lobbyists, cronies, etc. get a real jolt. If Trump wins, he has the competitive fighting personality that will stand up to the Republican phonies in Congress.

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